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G7 Field replaceable Gas Sensor Cartridges

Blackline Safety's G7 offers an exclusive modular design with field-replaceable gas sensor cartridges that deliver industry-leading customisation to accommodate nearly every need. With the G7’s cartridges, gas detection and lone worker monitoring are tailored to every industry, scenario and application. Offering three cartridge options to support gas detection, lone workers and evacuation management. The selection of gas sensors in each cartridge can be customised and configured for specific work environments. 

  • Gases monitored - H2S, LEL, CO, O2, CO2, NH3
  • Customisable, field replacable Sensor Cartridges
  • Lifetime Warranty on cartridges
  • SureSafe® light




G7 Field replaceable Sensor Cartridges by Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety G7 gas sensor cartridge optionsMaximise your uptime with Field-replaceable cartridges

The G7 sensor cartridges can be easily and quickly changed out in the field with new, pre-calibrated replacements once sensors reach the end of their operating life. Maximising the G7c and G7x uptime minimising the maintenance time.

The flexibility of the modular interface allows the device to be converted on-site from a single to a quad-gas monitor in seconds. The G7 combines the efficiency of a disposable gas detector with the innovation of a connected safety monitor — its modular design reduces the total number of devices needed, as one G7 can function as both a single and a quad-gas monitor, effectively reducing overall costs.

When a sensor reaches the end of its serviceable life or is damaged, the cartridge can be easily switched out for a new one. No more costly repairs or extended product downtimes.



G7 Standard Cartridge Lone Worker Blackline SafetyThe Standard G7 cartridge is designed for lone worker safety monitoring scenarios where there is no threat of exposure to toxic or combustible gases. The Standard Cartridge features Blackline’s exclusive green SureSafe® light — when the light is on, workers can be confident that they’re connected to the Blackline Safety Network and that their safety is being monitored.


G7 Standard Cartridge Lone Worker Blackline Safety

The G7c or G7x with a Single-gas cartridge operates as a gas detector and lone worker safety device, capable of monitoring your choice of one gas type. With a Single-gas cartridge, devices are customizable for specific working scenarios where comprehensive multi-gas coverage is not required. Gas sensor options: H2S, CO, LEL, O2, NH3, CO2


G7 Standard Cartridge Lone Worker Blackline Safety

The G7c or G7x with a Quad-gas cartridge operates as a gas detector and lone worker safety device, delivering comprehensive gas detection coverage of up to four gases. Sensor combinations are customizable in order to tailor gas detection to complex, hazardous working environments. Gas sensor options: H2S, CO, LEL, O2, NH3, CO2


Calibration & Maintenance

Blackline Safety G7 low maintenance gas Sensor CartridgeCalibration - calibrate the G7 sensors via cal-cups, G7 Dock or replacement cartridge

Bump Test - bump test your G7 via cal-cups or the G7 Dock

Data Download - all data is wirelessly transmitted to Blackline Live Portal from the device in real time