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Miller by Honeywell Roof Safety Systems

Engineered Roof Safety Systems from Miller by Honeywell Safety

Soll MultiRail

Soll Multirail from Miller by Honeywell Horizontal Rail System - Fall Protection


Soll Xenon

Soll Xenon Horizontal Lifeline


Soll Vi-Go

Miller Soll Vi-Go Cable System Fall Arrest Protection


Soll Glideloc

Miller GlideLoc - Ladder Climbing Safety



The Soll Engineered Systems range offers users increased safety and ease of use whether cleaning a building or inspecting a roof.

From horizontal systems in Stainless steel rail, or flexible anchorage line systems, to vertical height access ladders systems and retro-fit solutions for existing ladders, there is a Soll Engineered System which provides worker security at height.

Soll MultiRail Rail based horizontal system

Soll Xenon Horizontal & Overhead permanent system in corrossion resistant stainless steel

Soll Vi-Go Vertical cable climbing system that can be retrofitted to ladders

Soll GrideLoc Vertical climbing system with smooth operation for ascent and descent

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