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Constant Force Post by Latchways

Latchways by MSA Constant Force Post working at Heights and Roof SafetyThe Latchways by MSA Constant Force posts are designed to suit all common roof types and all major roofing manufacturers systems offering the ultimate in fall protection.

MSA's use of the patented Constant Force technology in the unique Latchways Constant Force post simplifies system design and installation.

The Constant Force post has an integral energy absorbing coil that, in the event of a fall, deploys in a controlled manner to absorb the force generated, this ensures that the load exerted on the point of attachment will not exceed 10 kN and allows the post to be fixed to a relatively delicate structure without the additional requirement to attach to structural steel or purlins.

Features of the Latchways Constant Force Post cable safety system:
  • In the event of a fall, the posts deploy to absorb the energy and so leave the roof panel intact.
  • Integral energy absorber that limits loads to 10 kN in the event of a fall.
  • Posts can be used in fall arrest and fall restraint systems.
  • Compatible with the roofing systems produced by all the major manufacturers.
  • Can be fixed to virtually all types of roofs, including standing-seam roofs, and composite roofs, BUOS roofs, secret fix roofs and bituminous roofs with steel, timber or concrete decks.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Does not need to be attached to structural steel or purlins.
  • Post design is smaller and more unobtrusive than other brackets.
  • The system blends with the overall building design and so maintains the architectural integrity.


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Roofing types include:

  • standing seam roofing
  • composite roofing
  • built-up-on-site roofing
  • secret-fix roofing
  • membrane roofing

Height Safety Applications: 

  • safe access
  • maintenance
  • safety eyebolts
  • lifelines
  • window cleaning
  • atrium cleaning
  • mobile anchorage

Standing Seam RoofLatchways MSA Constant Force Post Standing Seam Roof

Composite RoofingConstant Force Post Composite Roof

Built-up-on-site RoofingConstant Force Post Built up on site Roof

Secret-fix RoofingConstant Force Post Secret Fix Roof

Membrane RoofingConstant Force Post Membrane Roofing