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Portable Gas Detectors

Single Gas Detectors

Our range of Honeywell single gas monitors have been designed to bu user friendly and will detect a variety of gases from toxic, combustible, PID and VOCs. The GasAlert BW Clip has two models with options between maintenance free operation or the ability to display real-time gas levels and the ability to calibrate if required. The RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro allows for swappable sensors in the field and wireless data transmission. 

Multi Gas Monitors

The portable multi gas detectors available at Aegis Sales & Service are from leading manufacturers Honeywell Analytics and RAE Systems and will detect toxic, flammable and combustible leaks, as well as monitoring for oxygen depletion, PID (and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). All our multi gas detectors are IEC compliant and easy to use. Our models include: pumped, IR (Infra-red) and wireless.

Suitable Applications include: Confined Space Entry / Fracking / Hazmat Response / Emergency Response / Clandestine Labs / Environmental cleanups & Remediation / Industrial Hygiene / Oil & Gas - plant shutdowns & turn-around / Water & Sewerage Treatment Plants / Refineries / Recycling 

Calibration Docks

Our calibration docks are suited to single or portable gas monitors. The flexibility of the MicroDock II means you can have a modules to suit a vairety of detector modules connected to the one base station. (1 base station with 1 AC outlet will support up to 6 modules). The AutoRAE 2 is a versatile and modular dock that can be deployed as a single or stand-alone unit to calibrate one instrument at a time. It can be networked to support up to 10 units at once and calibrate up to five distinct gases. Both docks offer one-touch bump testing and calibration. Aegis also offer custome designed protective cases for portability of your Dock or Storage cabinet systems to suit your needs.

Portable Gas Detector Accessories

We can provide the right accessories for your gas detector including: carry/storage cases, external filters, IR cables, AC chargers, multiple chargers, vehicle chargers, docking stations, calibration gas.


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