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GP-MC - Multi Purpose Data Logger

 GP-MC Multi Purpose data logger by Intech   The GP-MC is a high resolution (12 bit) multi purpose data logger with eight analogue and two digital pulse inputs. It also provides a Start on Trigger input and two alarm outputs. The GP-MC can be supplied in an optional IP66 Weatherproof enclosure if required. It can be configured to accept input from a wide variety of sources including:

Product Specifications
Ordering Information
External Power Input
Logging Thermocouple inputs with the GP-MC

  • 4~20mA Probes
  • Voltage (DC)
  • Current (DC)
  • Temperature Probes
  • Pressure Probes
  • Flow Sensors
  • Frequency
  • Switches
  • Thermocouple
  • Potentiometers
  • Light Sensors
  • Leaf Wetness Sensor
  • Soil Water Tension Probes
  • Wind Speed Probes
  • Wind Direction Sensors
  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges
  • Solar Radiation Sensors

The GP-MC also has an internal temperature sensor for convenient logging of ambient temperature if desired.

One to Five year battery life depending on usage as below, user replaceable. Data is retained in the event of battery failure. Battery Status Monitor in Omni7 / OmniLog Software.

  • Warning: When using the Average, Maximum or Minimum reading(s), the logger reads the attached sensor(s) every second. This will reduce battery life.
  • Using the logger in temperatures below -5°C (23°F) will reduce battery life.

Download cable for GP-MC = DLC5USB [USB] or DLC5 [RS232] (Standard 2m DB9 Male/Female RS232 Serial Cable)

Order code:
GP-MC   Multi Purpose data logger
Seahorse   Optional IP66 Weather Proof Enclosure for GP-MC outdoor use

Standard Probe Sets; Other types are available - Contact Intech Instruments:

Order code:
mA-MC-PS One 4~20mA or 0~20mA input
##VD-MC-PS One Voltage input - available ranges are: 5VD-MC-PS = 0~5Vdc, 
10VD-MC-PS = 0~10Vdc, 24VD-MC-PS = 0~24Vdc, 32VD-MC-PS = 0~32Vdc. Or any voltage between 0 and 32Vdc.
Note: The maximum voltage input via probe set for the GP-MC is 32Vdc - for voltages above 32Vdc an intermediary transmitter like 
the PI-D must be used.
Pt1000-MC-PS Pt1000 Temperature Probe, range -50~130ºC
Note: GP-MC maximum Pt1000 temperature range is -100 ~ 400ºC
P###-MC-PS Pressure Probe - available ranges are: P100-MC-PS = -15~100psi, 
P300-MC-PS = -15~300psi, P500-MC-PS = -15~500psi
Flow-MC-PS Coil or open collector
ACM-MC-PS Flow metering off the pump run contact

Download options:

Order code:   Description:

Omni7 / OmniLog Software (used with all TruTrack data loggers):
Omni7 / OmniLog Installation CD and USB download cable Kit
Omni7 / OmniLog Installation CD and RS232 download cable Kit
Spare download cable:
GP-MC USB download cable
GP-MC RS232 download cable (Standard 2m DB9 Male/Female RS232 Serial Cable)


Note: GP-MC inputs are individually configurable using Omni7 / OmniLog. Each input requires conditioning using a 'Probe Set' - see example picture below:

GP-MC Inputs



The GP-MC has an internal battery which powers the logger and probes. However, it can also be powered by an external 5V to 15V dc Plug Pack or Battery.
The main reasons for using the External power input are:

  • When large current draw from probes would flatten the Internal battery; and
  • At very low temperature (< 10ºC) where the Internal battery voltage can drop.
  • External power can also be used to run the logger while the internal battery is changed.

The Internal battery runs the logger if External power fails. There is an External Power Status Monitor in Omni7 / OmniLog software.

Please note that Intech Instruments' recommends the internal battery be left in place in case the external power supply fails. The internal battery will keep the logger going should this happen. More information below:

If the logger is run with no internal battery and the external supply fails the logger will turn off. When the external power supply is turned back on, the logger will reboot and will be in "Stopped" mode. The logger will need to be configured in "start on condition" mode and "loop" mode and the "Start Logger" button clicked to initialise the next recording cycle.
It is recommended that the internal battery is left in. No power is drawn from the internal battery when the external supply fails and the internal battery will keep the logger running during the down time. The logger will stay on standby and start on condition even if the external supply is still down.


A lot of people say thermocouple to mean temperature probes, where as if the temperature range they are measuring is between -50 and +200 degrees C, then Pt1000 is more accurate and cheaper to implement than thermocouple. The GP-MC accepts Pt1000 input (with the necessary resistors). Thermocouples are ideal for high temperature ranges.

The only way that the GP-MC can accept a thermocouple signal is via an intermediary transmitter like the XU Series with an output signal of 4~20mA.
mA-MC-PS input cables for each input from the XU Series transmitter(s) into the GP-MC are also required.

Manufacturer: Intech Instruments Ltd

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