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Intech IN-P Multifunction Indicator with relay output options

IN P Intech Processor  
The Intech IN-P Multifunctional Indicator not only interfaces smoothly with a wide range of PLC and monitoring systems, but also as a stand alone unit for single and multi input Indication - Alarm - Control. Setup and calibration is simple, with on-screen, step-by-step instructions. The IN-P has a 6-digit LED display, 6 set-points and 5 front panel buttons for easy setup and operator interface. 

Up to 6 relay outputs, an analogue output and/or an RS485/RS232/Ethernet port can also be added.


IN-P Features
IN-P Ordering Info

  • Simple setup and calibration.
  • On Screen Step by Step Instructions.
  • 5 Buttons for easy Operator Interface.
  • 6 Digit LED Display.
  • Option to add up to 6 Relay outputs.
  • Analogue Output Retransmission option.
  • Serial RS485/RS232 port option with Modbus RTU.
    Ethernet port option with Modbus TCP.
  • Wide Range of Power Supply options from 10V to 265V.
  • Multiple functions available for customising to your application.


Items  Code    Description
Series  IN-P- Multifunction Process Indicator
Analogue Inputs PRC1- 1x4-20mA / 0-10V input + 24Vdc excitation
PRC4-   4x4-20mA input + 24Vdc excitation
TC1-  1x Thermocouple input Types B,J,K,N,R,S,T
TC4-   4x Thermocouple input Types B,J,K,N,R,S,T
RTD1-   1x RTD Pt100 input
RTD4-   4x RTD Pt100 input
Relay Outputs   N-   None
R2-   2x5A relay outputs
R4-   4x5A relay outputs
R6-   6x5A relay outputs
Analogue Output /Retransmission  N-   None
A-   1x4-20mA / 0-10Vdc analogue output
Communications   N-   None
WS232-   1x serial port Isolated RS232
WS485-   1x serial port Isolated RS485
WEA-   With an Ethernet port (Ascii)
WEM-   With an Ethernet port (Modbus)
Power Supply HV- 85-265Vac / 95-370Vdc
LV- 15-48Vac / 10-72Vdc

Ordering Example:

IN-P-RTD4-R2-N-WS485-HV    Multifunction Process Indicator; 4xRDT Pt100 Inputs; 2x 5A relay outputs; 1x serial port RS485; 85-265Vac / 95-370Vdc Power Supply 

IN-P-COVER = Splash proof locakable security cover IP65 

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